Go Pump Yourself: You're kidding....

Go Pump Yourself

Saturday, September 03, 2005

You're kidding....

Regular Unleaded is $3.75 a gallon at my place. One of the mechanics told me that we're .25 cents a gallon higher than other ExxonMobil stations in our city. PRICE GOUGING. I work for crooks!!

One of the owners is convinced I'm stealing snack money which amounts to about $3 a shift- if that much. He was going beserk wondering where this money is going - and he's charging 25 cents a gallon more than legally allowed!???? What the fuck.

I giggled to myself as I rigged the snapple machine to dispense free juice.

The owners dad is still here. Last week he was going after me for something and I guess I had a scared dear in headlights look on my face. He reached over the counter, took my hand and said, "Do not worry, you have nothing to fear, I am like your Grandfather,"

When he walked out I turned to the gas guy and said, "He's not like my Grandfather, if he was he'd be taking a dirt nap right now,"


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