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Go Pump Yourself

Monday, September 05, 2005

I'm ready for my closeup

Gas has become ridiculously expensive on the East Coast. I have a friend who's currently visiting California and I told him to be prepared for sticker shock over there even though we're fast catching up to them.

After the insane prices of Saturday, which were set by JN, has brother RN came in on Sunday and turned the prices back so we're on par with the Sunoco across the street. While there were tumbleweeds going across the station on Saturday,a nd the night cashier was outside playing golf to kill time, once we rolled the prices back on Sunday the place packed out. I was on my feet for a good three hours working the register.

Funny stupid customer incident from Sunday. The Coca-Cola machine is broken - there is a huge ass "OUT OF ORDER" sign written by me in three inch high letters taped to the front of the machine. Typical ignorant Russian comes in all arrogant, demands all singles for his ten dollar bill. I don't think anything of it and go back to watching whatever I was watching on television - or maybe I was staring at my cell phone waiting for it to ring. Either way, I wasn't watching Yuri put money into the BROKEN soda machine. Money goes in, no soda comes out.
Yuri: "hello miss why does this machine not work?"
Me: "Its out of order, didn't you see the sign?"
Yuri: "I want my money back, I lost the two dollars,"
Me: "You put that money in at your own risk, there's a sign on the machine,"
Yuri: "what if I wasn't paying attention to the sign?"
Me: "Oh, you mean like I"m not paying attention to you right now?"
Later on in the day a local news van pulled up and a cute Asian girl came out all friendly and bubbly. Of course, the horny mechanics ran right up to her and she explained that she was driving around my city speaking to gas station workers about the high prices. "I"ll be right back!!!" I yelled, as I ran to the bathroom, tripping over the compressor and a few tires in the process. I fixed my hair, put on makeup, grabbed a CD of my friends band, and ran back up front. The chick was gone. It turned out the real reason she was there was someone called her to say we were the highest priced gas station in the city. The mechanics told me not to talk to her. She then went and started interviewing our customers! Eventually the chased her away.


  • Our world famous BP that tried to sell gas for over $6 / gallon got fined $10,000 by the state last week. They've since dropped their price to $3.50, only fifty cents more than the places surrounding them. The problem with the gas signs is that they only show to single digit dollars. That's probably why they didn't raised there prices to $10,006 / gallon to deal with the fine.

    Note - neither price has significantly slowed their business, despite cheaper gas stations within sight of theirs and another BP less than a quarter of a mile down the road selling under $3 / gallon.

    By Blogger Grant, at 11:36 am  

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