Go Pump Yourself: Quick Update

Go Pump Yourself

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Quick Update

The Princess is always super nice to me when she sees me - I think I'm this close to her taking me for a mani and pedi. sigh.

Mr Douche didn't get fired, he had some goon come up from Florida to protect him - which only made him look like an even bigger pussy. Florida goon went back yesterday, Mr Douche's life will be a living hell even worse than it was - once my tow-truck driver buddies get a hold of him.

A girl who used to work at the snack shop years ago, that I used to be friends with, was loitering on the corner last night. I didn't care, I thought it was funny. She had that longing look in her eye like, "I wish I was still working in that shit box".

I actually only really worked for four out of my eight hours yesterday. Porkbutt, my friend who got me the job, was hanging with me so I put him to work. When He left, my friends Mutt and Jeff came to visit and I showed Mutt how to use the register while I smoked weed with the gas guy.

Back to work tomorrow. Originally I worked Friday nights, then Saturday afternoons but I switched and got my happy Sunday day shift back. WHoooo.


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