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Go Pump Yourself

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Patting myself on the back

SO yesterday I almost quit and today I was the star of the snack shop.

its an ongoing thing with me and JN that I hate wearing the gas station shirt uniform thingy. the second JN is gone the shirt is off and usually on the floor. Ugh, I hate it. I'm usually wearing some sort of cute t shirt and I want to show it off. The shirts been in the gay guys car for the past three weeks or so - I've been wearing dirty shirts I've found around the shop.

Yesterday I got to work and JN spots me coming in, "Don't tell me, you don't have your shirt," He says, I shrug, he continues, "You know what, the next time you are coming to work without your shirt, just don't come in. Fire yourself." Realizing that didn't make any sense, I laughed to myself and shrugged again. But I was pissed. Does he think he's doing me a favor by letting me keep this shit head job/ The only reason I took it was so I could save money and follow a band on tour - and what real job what let me disappear for two weeks? But anyway - the rest of the night last night I was ticked off and everyone tried their best to cheer me up but I was in a foul mood. I did everything but spit at the stupid customers.

I wasn't looking forward to going to work today, but I got there, picked up a random gas station shirt from the floor and tried to deal with the day. JN was so sweet to me, polite, he even offered to buy me breakfast at the diner - I settled for coffee which I ended up throwing out anyway - but it's symbolic, right?

At around 1 o'clcok a kid comes in looking to buy a pack of Newports. I asked for ID and when he didn't have any, said I couldn't sell him smokes. As the kid is walking out a STATE INSPECTOR is walking in. It was a set up - if I had sold this kid cigarettes we would have lost our cigarette license AGAIN. But no, I was smart, I was good. I was the star of the snack shop. OH wow! Everyone came in to thank me, if I hadn't given myself a raise for coming in on my day off last week, they would have given me one for this. The owner called me up to personally thank me (he was in the office twenty feet away). They did everything but throw rose petals at my feet.

Now if it wasn't for all the horny disgusting mechanics telling me how long its been since they've gotten laid, the job wouldn't be so bad.


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