Go Pump Yourself

Go Pump Yourself

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Maybe its something about the hot weather that brings out the crazies. I expect it from the customers, but not from a co-worker.

As you may or may not know, the snackshop where I work is affiliated with a used car lot, a towing company and an auto body repair shop. Why anyone would want to buy a used car from the same people that own a body shop is beyond me but that's not the point.

The snack shop, towing and body shop people all get along great. They're constantly hanging out with me because the snackshop has A/C, candy and sodas. The used car sales men don't really deal with us - once in awhile they come in to drop off or pick up keys but that's about it.

A few weeks ago one of the salesmen started acting a bit "odd" and he picked a fight with my best friend at work, Gay guy who I'll call Sylvester. I tried to stay out of it. Last Monday the salesman, I'll call him Mr. Douche, came in after the full service gas guy went home. After 10 I lock the snack shop door because I'm alone and it's safer. So Mr. Douche obviously saw the full service guy leave -he shows up and starts explaining that he ends to get in because I have keys to cars that are on the lot..blah blah blah... For the next two hours he runs in and out, disturbing me while I'm trying to do my end of the night bookkeeping. At one point I'm on the phone with a customer and Mr. Douche is talking really loudly into his cell phone two feet away from me. I tell the customer, "I"m sorry I can't hear you, I have someone yelling really loudly in my ear,". Mr douche gets insulted and walks out.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. Sylvester was working in the snack shop and Mr. Douche got in his face about his "attitude". Sylvester told him he has nothing to say to him. This drove Mr. Douche nuts. He started gay bashing and saying "no one likes a faggot" blah blah blah.... It got to the point where Mr. Douche physically threatened Sylvester in front of a half dozen people. Once I heard Mr Douche was a homophobe, I decided that if he started with me I was going to let him have it.

Last night Mr Douche is stalking around the lot and he didn't' look right - there was something not 100% with him. During the night he came in and attempted to make small talk with me but I was short and unfriendly with him. Later on in the night, about 20 SECONDS after the full service guy left, Mr Douche ran in before I could lock the door. I had just counted out my drawer so I had a stack of money on the side that was already counted and ready to be dropped in the safe. Mr Douche asked for change of a $20 and I gave him 20 signals - its American currency, what the hell is the problem, right? Again he's on his cell phone - I'm convinced there was no one at the other end, and he says "I'm in the snack shop getting change and THIS PERSON is giving me a hard time about it. THIS PERSON says they don't have change but I can see a stack of bills in front of THIS PERSON. He's still on the phone, I say, "I'm standing right here, you're obviously talking about me, WHY DON'T YOU USE MY NAME? What's with the passive aggression?" Mr. Douche did not like this. He said, "I'll talk to you later, JN" into the phone, as if I'm supposed to be scared he's talking to one of the owners. When he hung up, he started screaming at me to stay out of his damn business, and he didn't understand why I didn't like him, if this had anything to do with what was going on with Sylvester. I looked him right in the eye and said very clearly, "I DON'T LIKE HOMOPHOBES".

That was it. He snapped.

It was like the Exorcist, he just went BEZERKO. He started off with, "I don't like Sylvester, and now I'll make it a point not to like you, you stupid, ugly, prostitute cunt motherfucker..." He went on, but that was all I remember because I wrote it down!! At that point one of the tow truck drivers showed up and I was hysterical laughing, I said, "Hey IK (tow driver), Mr. Douche called me blah blah blah..." Ik is seriously baffled. Mr Douche said, "IK, She wants to blow me! You want to blow me? You ugly skank..." He shuffled away, still hurling epithets at me.

This was all hysterically funny. Once I composed myself, I called my boss and pretended to be upset and scared, only I realized I WAS scared. My boss was no help. He called Mr Douche to get his story and called me back, saying Mr Douche told him I started insulting him. It didn't' end there. A couple of times I got obscene phone calls from guess who - and I called my boss who said, "I don't know what to tell you! If it happens again, call the cops!"


You think I'm going to be working any 4-12 shifts with this looney toones rolly polly man running around??

I was lucky enough that a 6 foot five tow truck driver offered to drive me home, and I'm positive Mr. Douche saw me get into his truck.

Am I supposed to stay in this unsafe environment? Not for 7.50 a fucking hour!!

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