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Go Pump Yourself

Friday, May 13, 2005

Welcome to the world of passive aggression

I was actually worried about being fired for telling off the Princess?

I worked last night, Princess dad JN was there up my ass all afternoon with customers, then I had to chase him down when he wasn't returning customer's phone calls. I was waiting for him to say something about my little "confrontation". Nothing. The only thing he mentioned in passing was I need a shirt with the gas stations' name on it. Apparently a t-shirt that says "old navy" isn't' good enough.

At six JN was about to leave, he comes into the snack shop, looks over some invoices and says, "So, uh, you wanna tell me what happened with my daughter the other night?" I told him my side of the story, that she was rude and I stood up for myself. All he said was, "Just try to be more polite next time, ok?" That was it. No rod up the ass. NO flogging.

My gay co worker told me that Princess herself might come in to rip me a new one, but I'm just waiting for that. I'd love to tell her off in person.


  • OH- Pump Mistress! You are my HERO! Working in “corporate midtown” these last five years has utterly fucked me. I’d give my left TIT to have a job where I can do what I have to, maintain some level of self-respect and not feel like I have to put up with other people's crap or dysfunction... Well, okay… maybe not my left tit (actually, I'm a little attached to it), but DEFINITELY one of my left toes!

    ...and maybe you should “rip her a new one.” What can JN say anyway?! He obviously knows TOO well that this “princess” is a b*tch, and he's got enough couth to not get in the middle of it. That princess reaps what she sows. If she'd gotten a few of the simpler lessons in life like most of the rest of us did as a child (ie. a rap in the teeth), it probably would’ve never happened in the first place.

    GIVE 'ER HELL!!! :)

    By Blogger the Shadow, at 6:39 pm  

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