Go Pump Yourself: Stupid people

Go Pump Yourself

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stupid people

Sorry to my loyal readers but I've been so busy either working or recovering from work I haven't had time to post here. I've been covering everyone else's shifts in an effort to get more money and they've all been blurring into each other. Obviously, two months into working I haven't had another panic attack, but I have had to deal with a lot of amazing stupid thick headed people. I don't know when I snapped, but recently I decided that I'm a human being and I'm not going to let anyone talk to me like I'm stupid. Whether its idiotic foreign customers, or the bosses Princess ugly daughter, I am going to stand up for myself.

After 10 pm the door to the snack shop gets locked and all transactions are done through a drawer. Last Saturday around 10.30 it started getting really crowded, everyone was just starting to go out for the night. A Chinese guy comes up to the window, shoves $25 in the drawer and yells "Pump fee" which we all know is Chinese for "pump three". So I set up the pump and go back to doing my end of the night paperwork. Every pump on the lot is full and I figure since he told me pump fee he's on pump fee. Wrong. Two minutes later there is a loud Banging on the glass, this fool is pounding with his fist and yelling, "Wrong, stupid, pump one!!" I just stopped what I was doing. Stupid. Stupid? That was it. It was on. I look up and he was at pump one, with the nozzle in his hand, trying to give me a dirty look. He put the nozzle in his gas tank and waited for gas to come out. Meanwhile I didn't set up the pump. In fact I had taken his money and set it aside. I wasn't letting him get gas.

"Stupid! Stupid!!" he starts yelling, pointing to the pump that isn't letting any gasoline out. The few other people on the lot are looking at him, figuring he's crazy and doesn't know how to pump gas. I deal with a few other customers, then this gook comes back to the window. He's steaming mad. I'm hysterical laughing by this point, I don't know why. He takes the money out of the drawer and starts cursing me. Meanwhile someone else was standing there, buying cigarettes, an American. He says to me, "That's right sweetie, don't take any shit from anyone!!". I gave that guy a free lighter.


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