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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dealing with a princess

Last night, 11 p.m. Its almost the end of my shift, I'm doing some paperwork and talking to the overnight tow-truck driver. The phone rings.
Me: Hello, (name of gas station)
Princess: Who's this?
Me: Um, you called here. Who's this?
Princess: Who is this?
Me: (thinking) This is stupid. (I hang up the phone).
A few minutes later the phone rings again.
Me: Hello, (name of gas station)
Princess: Do you know who this is? This is (the boss's) daughter. How dare you hang up on me! What the fuck are you doing? I can have your ass fired...
Me: First of all, I don't care who's daughter you are, I know you are not talking to me like that. Second of all, just because your father owns the company doesn't mean you can abuse his employees.
Princess: You hung up on me. No one hangs up on me. This is bullshit. How dare you hang up on me....
Me: (click. I hang up the phone).
after that, for a brief second I thought, "Oh shit, what did I do? I lost a mediocre job," I stared at the phone, waiting for it to ring again, thinking princess's dad would call up to chew me out. No phone call. At the end of my shift, the gay kid that works there picked me up and I told him what happened. He just laughed, "you aren't going to get fired, don't even worry about it." He told me this girl is a known princess and not to worry about what I did. Anyway her father cant' fire me, hes part owner of the business, it was actually his brother that hired me.

That was last night, as of today I haven't gotten any angry phone calls so I'm pretty sure I work tomorrow night. Worst comes to worst I go in and they tell me to go home. Or even worse than that I walk in and Princess is waiting for me. Fine. I'll let her have it in person. I'm not afraid of ANYONE.


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