Go Pump Yourself: The things I do for money...

Go Pump Yourself

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The things I do for money...

During the week I went over to the gas station and announced my infinite availability for work. This was Friday. Saturday I worked my 4-12 shift. I didn't have a panic attack, I didn't cry, I didn't throw up (all things I did last time!). After about ten minutes, it all came back to me. It was almost like riding a bike except I don't know how to ride a fucking bike. But I can work a cash register!!

Obviously it's mostly males where I work, except for a few female tow truck drivers. One of the guys that works there, I call him 5x because that's his shirt size, is always flirting with me. This has been going on for years and I don't' take him seriously.

So I'm in the snack shop last night, hanging out, listening to a Motorhead CD one of the tow-truck drives loaned me, when the intercom buzzed in. I hear heavy breathing and roll my eyes, 'Stop that," I say, "You're going to get me in trouble with (the boss)."

"This is (the boss)." He tells me. DOH. Is this sexual harassment? I felt so violated I helped myself to one of the many bottles of Snapple Orangeaid I enjoyed on the house.

It's been decided that Saturday 4-12 is my shift. Which is great, its only stressful for a few hours, then everyone goes home and it's just me and the gas jockey. Very low stress. Except I still have a problem doing all the accounting at the end of the night. I had to stay an hour extra last night just making up payout envelopes.

I'll be working this Friday if all goes well. Saturday is Passover, and to make my mom happy I have to be around.

Expect more posts in this blog, don't give up!


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