Go Pump Yourself: Exhausted

Go Pump Yourself

Sunday, April 24, 2005


I worked Friday night from 4 - midnight, went home and went to sleep. Well, that is, I tried to go to sleep but I had to get up at 6 to be in at 8 to work again! I really wanted to work Saturday night but living under my mom's roof, I had to be in for the Jewish holiday. I'm as kosher as a bacon cheeseburger, but my mom is all into the Jew thing when its the holiday.

Saturday morning started off slow. No one really came in and the gas jockey and I watched early morning news and bad Japanese cartoons. Then everyone from everywhere came in to get their car inspected. Too bad I was charging everyone something different! Durr no one told me to charge tax on inspection! SO some people got off easy, some didn't. Don't blame me, I just work here for a very minimum wage. Later on in the morning I put on the original Night of the Living Dead and some of the tow truck drivers came in to watch and hang out and we all started talking about zombie movies.

Friday night was a typical shift for me. The gas jockey kept flirting with me and I said I would be sexual harassment if I stopped laughing. Around 11 p.m all of a sudden all the lights out by the gas pumps went out. My computer was still working, in fact I had just set up someone for gas not a minute before this happened. I started freaking out, running around like a chicken without a head, and the tow truck driver who was keeping me company just kept reading his newspaper, wondering about his horoscope. It turned out there was a brown-out in the neighborhood, it wasn't just us. That briefly took my mind off locking the bathroom key in the bathroom. Then one of the other kids that works with me showed up to give me a ride home, and told me he was gay. Like I didn't know. I have gaydar. I'm a fruitfly. It figures.


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