Go Pump Yourself: Stress for less

Go Pump Yourself

Monday, March 14, 2005

Stress for less

Yesterday around 2 ish "the guy with no head" that's in charge of the snack shop employees, of which I am one, calls me up to ask if I wanted to work the 4-12 shift last night. I made up some obviously flimsy excuse and turned it down. All the stress and vomiting and upset stomach and losing five pounds in two days out of nerves is not worth the measly cash they throw at me. Yes its easy money and the only stress is probably in my own head, but I'm not getting sick for a jackass part time job that a trained monkey can do (no offense to any Monkeys reading this!) ;-)

seriously its time to get my ass in gear, get a nice cushy office job like I up till so recently had (long story) and get out of this crazy house. I feel like I live in the projects, there was no hot water this morning. Last week the elevator was broken. All we're missing here are the crack addicts on the roof.


  • I thought this was your 2nd job. This is your only job? What happened to your office job? That really sucks.
    At least you don't have cold sores on your chin like me right now.

    By Anonymous utiqueen, at 6:57 pm  

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